How do PTC (paid to click) owners find advertisers when they start?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by SilverKnight, Jul 19, 2011.

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    May 31, 2011
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    The title says it all. I'm thinking of starting a PTC site. I know most of you don't like this idea because PTC sites usually earn not more than $500 a month but that's fine for me.

    I was wondering where do new PTC sites find advertisements from? A couple of years back I was into PTC sites and used a lot of them. And I noticed even before the site was launched they already had ads.. how do they get them?

    Once the PTC site is developed, advertisers can come to the site and buy the ad packages from there but how do new PTC sites get ads when they launch? All PTC sites I have seen have tons of ads to click on on the very first day of their launch. I spent hours searching Google for the answer to this question but couldnt find one thats why I opened this thread.


    Secondly, I was also thinking about GPT (get paid to) which uses CPA offers mostly. The thing is I don't have much investment. I can buy hosting, script, domain etc. but can't afford to invest much in it. And when I will put CPA offers on my site and when people complete the offers I'll have to pay them when they reach a minimum payout limit which mostly is $2.. but I won't be getting the payout from the CPA company as most of them pay on NET30 basis. So I'll have to keep paying the members until then from my own pocket right?

    Need suggestions, advices, tips on both the ideas please. Thanks in advance.
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    I saw mostly that PTC sites direct you to other PTC sites. For me, most are just scams try to make you (as a "clicker") buy refferals etc
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    Pretty much nailed it....Only time I would get back into a PTC site would be for banner space...