How do people make money with super cheap web design services?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by lolzap, Jan 14, 2015.

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    I've seen a few companies advertising full web development services at $400/year. They include web design, web hosting, social media integration, SEO for 5-6 words, logo, all for $400/year.

    I took a look at their portfolio and while websites look quite simple, they're not bad.

    How can they afford to make money like this? It seems like a lot of work for just $400 and the company claims it's not outsourcing. Thoughts?
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    I know an old school mate of mine used to do this kind of service without the hosting.

    What he did was gather an amount of free templates, buy a couple in bulk, or download a archive of theme's and use those as a base.
    He did the simple work himself, add content for small businesses A.K.A. barber shops, window cleaners, painters etc.
    These websites could be up and running in under 4hours of work, because of the basis he used (standard plugins for all websites etc.)

    For the larger websites like a sports community he hired 2 romanian coders he met online, they produced his larger projects.

    EDIT: For the SEO part, i dont know how he got away with that :)