How do I reverse engineer someone else's site from scratch?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by BHapprentice33, Aug 11, 2008.

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    For instance and I assume this is common knowledge in this forum if I go to yahoo and type linkto:"yoursite" I don't remember the right way to write it but I know it's and I get a list of the links the that this site has and with that over half of the site's owner guy seo work at my finger tips the rest is his content.

    But sometimes it will be like a couple MILLION links some even paid for so how am I supposed to replicate that proccess should I link spam all of those sites or should I just scrape content from the site I'm trying to replicate. because that's all that it's to it in seo links and content right?? or am I missing something????:confused:

    My question is how do I replicate a white hat site that's on the first ten results of google for a high traffic keyword or phrase (the first ten results because the rest won't be even scroll at by over 90% of the users and very little people even check the second page results) with black hat tactics.
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    its link:hxxp://

    look into yahoo's api for scraping site explorer.

    even though you can only see 1k results you might be able to get an idea of the kinds of places they get links from.

    you could also add words to your query to get more of the results

    like this:

    link:hxxp:// apples
    link:hxxp:// oranges
    link:hxxp:// "dora the explorer"
    link:hxxp:// "under the bridge"

    some bad examples i know but you'll get to see more of the backlinks.