how do i promote a rapidshare link providing website

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    hey it has been 2-3 days now and i have been reading this forum day and night ... i have found some amazing bots in the process..... i am kinda thankful to u guys for that ....

    anyway my website provides links from where ppl can download movies, songs etc...

    i started the website because there was no good website in this domain in the Indian market.... providing indianaized content....

    i wont be ever competing with the ppl in other countries so u r safe :)

    anyways i have tried a few bots and i have some links on the social bookmarking sites now .... i am getting a small amount of traffic from there....

    i want to get in the first page of google results when a person searches for the movie with download!

    i am working on the page rank this and it will take time ..... is there any othe way ??

    i was fidling with the idea of crating a blog with the name of all the new movies coming out ... i will link that blog to my website ....

    is there any way i can find a blog creator from where i can make the blogs itself ... saw some blog creators online ... nybody has there cracks or something ???

    plz help!
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    use rss2blog or feedwordpress to make your auto blog.