How do I obtain a new EBay account after being suspended years ago?

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    Hello, I am not new to EBay selling and had an account with over 1200+ positive feedback rating a few years ago. I got injured and wasn't able to full fill a bunch of orders due to an emergency, being in the hospital and other medical issues. I had over 1200 positive sales with a 99.7% rating grossing a little over $20k at that time and that was only about 1.5 years into it and it all went to the tubes in about 2 weeks or less I attempted to call and email eBay with the circumstances and they basically didn't seem to care one bit, I have read a few other posts basically saying the same things. Paypal also claimed that the PayPal account I had linked to that account still owed money and when I called PayPal to attempt to figure it out and resolve the problem I was told that seeing that it's been this amount of time I cannot pay the balance due, and nothing can be done which is kind of an odd thing in my experience. Anyways, what are the simplest cheapest ways to get a new account that can't be linked to the old one? How does a person buy an existing account and transfer ownership into your name without it throwing up red flags? I have a local individual that may want to sell out of his eBay business so I also thought about going that way if I could negotiate a good price as he was a bit high but it came with inventory that I wouldn't need. I have a lot of questions on the buying of existing accounts and how to safely transfer them without being red flagged and losing the money from the purchase as well as other questions. The reason I ask that is I have heard they start the sellers on an extremely limited basis as to the number of items you can list and sell in a month. Is it the same way if you open an eBay store or is that a different set of rules? If I have to start fresh and only am allowed to sell a few items a month for the first however many months I'm not sure if it would be a logical or economical adventure.

    Any and all information would be great as to how to jump this hurdle, they really need a new approach to their customer/seller services, I'm not sure why I want to be involved in the mess again other than their platform for selling the things I'm into is second to none and I cannot find another platform to generate the amount of sales I had with eBay.

    Thanks again
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