How do I link my money site to Web 2.0 Property?

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    I want your opinion regarding web 2.0 linking technique. I'm currently working on 4 High PR web 2.0 properties - Currently I'm setting it up ( themes, about us, contact us pages and some SEO plug-ins etc..)

    Now, my question is - if I plan to post 1st welcome text of 250 -300 words post on each web 2.0 property and after that I'll post like 4 x 500 words articles in each property on regular intervals- then how should I link my money site in each post? I'm planning to give 1 link to any random authority site and 1 link to money site.

    So, for example if I'm building 1 wordpress web 2.0 property and publishing 5 posts along with 1 welcome text - Should I give link to my money site in each post? or Just 1 link per property?

    I'm not much well in English - So, I'll outsource content writing work to any expert content writer. But I just want to clear in linking part - as I'm planning to give 2 links in each post ( 1 to authority site and 1 to money site ) - But is it ok to give 1 link to money site in each post? Or is it against the rules?

    Please help me out if you can.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Web 2.0 properties ---> Money site

    Each blogpost of a web 2.0 property can contains a link toward www . yourdomain . com / page1. html
    To get max result, each blogpost is original content - using cheap content writing service - 250 words per blog post is enough. e.g: iwriter.

    You can post few blogposts as many as you want, but don't forget to build more web 2.0 properties - around 20 web 2.0 properties.

    I suggest you to build backlinks which from tier #2 toward to web 2.0 properties (as tier #1).
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    Hi, put just one link to one place in one page. You can add couple other links to your other pages which will supplement your money page. Your content timimgs could be more frequent at first weeks and then you can update your property like once a month.

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    hi, to add to what the others have said, what works for me is to randomly add links to money site in the posts. like some posts have links, some don't. this doesn't affect the rankings, but will help you long term. plus you might be able to build a pbn this way