How do I know where in the world FB/IG thinks I am?

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Apr 18, 2018
FB/IG seem to use their own geolocation database for IPs. For instance, I have a residential IPv4 which all free and paid geolocation services (MaxMind, GeoBytes, IP2Location etc.) that I could find show as Pasadena, California, USA, but when I use it to log into an Instagram account the login history (or the infamous "Was that you?") show me in Cali, Colombia.

Now, I would like to test where an IP is located BEFORE I log in. Any idea how I can do that?
No way to do it that I know of, but have you tried using a different proxy provider?
that was just an example to show that the fault is on Instagram's side. I currently use 5 different proxy providers in parallel and also make my own proxies. but if you need proxies for dozens of specific countries around the globe, Instagram's location errors can't be avoided. I'd just like to know beforehand so I can offer my clients a "correct" location.
When you buy your proxies, ask for a free trial. Do your testing then. Right?
When you buy your proxies, ask for a free trial. Do your testing then. Right?
that's what my question is about: HOW do you test that other than logging in a couple of Instagram accounts for ~100 locations and then manually checking where they land
Facebook/Instagram have and outdated database and they rely on users to get the names for cities, towns, counties, etc. Facebook is mistakenly seeing California as Cali, because some blonde girls typed short words and posted on IG that there are in Cali (not California), so Facebooks's AI sees your IP from California in Cali, Colombia.
Haha you're right of course! doesn't solve my problem, but at least gives a reasonable explanation
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