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How do I go about marketing my Kratom site for free

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by KratomSeller, May 16, 2016.

  1. KratomSeller

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    May 16, 2016
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    I've put 1700 dollars into a kratom website, be it 1000 in kratom stock then minor things needed < Wordpress theme < Hosting < Domain < LLC < and bunch of other things.

    I'm not able to calm down anymore cause of missing some front teeth< which is the reason I started the kratom site as it would be my only chance in a short period of time < meaning under a year as to save my teeth. and a vendor already gave my website a bad name. This vendor I 100% believe uses blackhat techniques as to acquire business for his site. I been on Blackhatworld since 2012 and know a good amount of blackhat techniques and know what to look for and his site and tactics fit that bill.

    Neway I have no more money to put in for this project anymore. Other than CL and Facebook groups and Reddit. Do you guys know where i can post my url and inturn get some sales leads from it ? I would start to make videos on youtube and pay to have them advertised but the thing is I'm missing front teeth and I'm not presentable enough to talk about my products on social media or else I would.

    Should I buy the Wordpress affiliate program where I can offer people 20% of revenue share there sign ups that buy kratom generate ? And give them 20% for life of what there signups buy?

    That costs 199 for a year, and I still wouldn't be guaranteed sales.

    I'm missing 2 front teeth and don't leave my house anymore for the past 5 years cause of the depression I have as not being able to afford 3500 dollars a dental implant, to make matters worse the ok teeth I have around the missing teeth spots, the gum is eroding not due to gum disease < but the gum itself starts to atrophy from not having something there in place. And since its been so long since they have been pulled out I need bone implants in order to get dental implants. I have nothing to look forward to anymore. So any pointers you guys have would be appreciated. me not doing good (2).jpg

    I started a gofund me with no luck so I just tossed it and deleted. I'm not mentally stable anymore and being put on psychiatric or depression medication is just putting off the inevitable < me not being suitable to be in public nor talk to women. Which I havnt had sex in 11 years.
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