How Do I Get Paid!!??

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    I did a product launch with _____ awhile back. The refund period for that product launch ended and the author said that he would pay after that period. I think it might have been 60-90 days.

    Well, they paid me about 20% of the amount after that time had passed. But, there was still this remaining amount sitting in infusionsoft.

    I contacted them back about 3-4 months ago and they said that I would receive payment shortly. That was the last I heard from them.

    Since then, I have tried contacting them via: email (at least 3 email accounts), facebook, etc... and no response.

    I am not sure where I should go now with getting paid from these guys.

    Yesterday, I posted on the author's facebook wall about contacting me regarding his recent launch and my commissions. No response, but he logged in today to say that he's going on vacation.

    Sort of funny, but not really.

    Here are the options that I can think of:
    (A) Give him another 30 days and contact him a few more times within that time period.
    (B) Send him to collections. Not exactly sure how to do this, but seems like it might be an option.

    I was reading that I can get a form from my county clerk for $20 to get the process under way. I don't really want to pursue legal action with this guy, but if he's clearly not interested in paying me, then I might have to.

    Anybody here have any experience with not getting paid and actually getting someone to pay you? lol