How do I get our USA Local Food Startup on the first page of Google?

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    Yo fellow BHWer's

    I created an online platform it's for USA farmers to pre-sell their harvest, I have over 59,000 users in the platform and need to get their public user profile's ranking in the first page of google for each respective farmer.

    User profiles are not indexing for some reason in google, only user profile that have created a sales campaign previously.

    Currently most of the user profile are mostly lacking user profile information but we are adding details, photos and links to each profile currently.

    Experiments I'm running

    - I'm posting a photo on Pinterest with a link back to the user profile
    - Tweeting photo with a link back to the user profile from our account
    - Facebook wall post on the user business profile
    - Post user link on our own facebook page
    - Finding google results higher then us to link to each other

    Building a Airbnb like search results search to help users

    Open to suggestions on how we can grow this and make it easier to buy directly from the farmer
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    You need to find keywords that you want to own the front page for... Example -
    Fresh Produce For Sale Kritton Georgia

    Then Make that Page and Bring The Data In From All The Farmers That Match That Keyword.

    You will then need articles, Youtube, Links, and various Local Support for that keyword.

    I have tackled a similar project and it has a lot to do with the way you set it up.

    So - If you want to learn more - read here or visit

    If you need someone to hire to do it - Get in touch and we can discuss more in depth.

    I am based Local and Love Local Markets, Have thought about building a niche site out of local organic markets before...