How do i get a more active Youtube Audience?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by lau281, Dec 14, 2012.

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    So basically my problem is that my audience comment ratio is like 1/40

    And this is really frustrating cause i have 10k+ subs and get 2-4k video views a video

    But from those 2-4k only 50 people leave a comment while the like ratio is almost the 3 double of that?

    I really don't know why the ratio of comments is that low cause i make high quality videos but people just won't leave a comment?

    Even when i say to them leave a comment below, it just stays the same.
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    Basically the main secret is to engage with your audience.

    For example, if you want more people to leave comments, you need to tell your audience at the end of the video to leave a comment. Now don't make the basic mistake by just asking your viewers "to leave a comment" that won't work... you should ask you viewers a question, preferably about something you talked about or did in your video. For example, if you have a gaming channel, ask you viewers to leave in the comments what game you should play next... if you have a vlog channel, ask if they leave their opinion about what you talked about... you get the picture!

    Secondly, if you want more active viewers, you should threat your youtube channel more like a TV show/channel... that means you put on regular intervals the same quality video. People are creatures of habits, so we expect to watch the same "show" at least once a week. That's why most successful youtubers put videos on their channel at least once a week/daily. So do the same and start putting videos on your channel at least once a week!

    Also to increase your subscriber base, don't forget to ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel with an subscribe annotation in your video!

    Good Luck
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    If you are getting 50 comments within only 2-4k views that is really good. If you can get 1 comment per 250-500 views I consider that quite good. The most popular YouTubers like RWJ and NigaHiga get around 1 comment per 200 views. So if you're able to do better than that kudos to you!