how do I file a claim in fiverr?

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    Jun 25, 2012
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    I need to file a dispute in fiverr. A few days ago, there was a link in the conversations page, saying something like "problems with this order?" but now it is not there any more??
    I also noticed seller has removed gig. Is that why I can't dispute any more?
    can I dispute in paypal and win?
    I know its just $5 but I am pissed at this seller. and he has obviously pissed off enough buyers to have to remove the gig.
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    normally if the order is still present under your "My shopping page" click on the order then scroll down to where you would send a message. Is there a "Got Problems?" button? Reject their delivered work if its been delivered, or cancel the request. If the order is gone from your shopping page (which it shouldn't be) contact fiverr's admins, they have a good support team.

    edit: It's gone because the order was marked completed by both parties, you need to contact support.
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    even if the seller has removed the gig, you can "dispute" an order unless it has been already marked as complete - not 100% sure, but I think this is how it works