How do I cloak my affiliate links to make traffic look like comming from other site?

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    Sep 23, 2014
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    I have unsuccessfully tried to cover my affiliate links completely.

    CASE: I have (imorrally) bought domains, which are violating the trademark law, and have optimised them for the brand names in a specific niche. I have put affiliate banners in these sites, and are succesfully delivering traffic and new customers to the business.

    So far my only strategy of "cloaking" is making som 301 jumps - but affiliate provider is to smart to fall for that trick (some of them are). Example of what I do now.

    [mybrandtheftsite] - is internally linked to a site /buynow/ which has a 301 to another site -> [myneutralandlegalsite] and then to the affiliate URL.

    SO it LOOKS like traffic are comming from "mylegalsite". But my rankings for the brandtheft site, are too damm good to be undercover, and ofcause, they can make simple test, and check that tracking cookie is delivered through this way of 301 jumps.

    I have made like 50.000 USD this way, but now 2 of 3 business has terminatet affiliate account due to violation of guidelines :-/ . Ofcause - I do not accept that, since I think I should have a part of the cake as well for doing so much SEO and ranking for their brand. This is not directly brand theft - but are sites like: [iphone6-reviews] (ranking for iphone 6) (just a fictive domain).

    What are my best options here of staying in business?

    Best regards.