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How do I attract serious takers for Free Product Review Writing service?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by blackbeans, Aug 8, 2016.

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    Nov 29, 2008
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    I am thinking of writing free product reviews for bloggers/marketers


    I'm worried about curiosity seekers.

    I need to attract only people who will actually PUBLISH the reviews.

    Keep in mind that the reviews I write won't have any of my affiliate links. The reviews will feature clean, unlinked text.

    Also, there will be no copy and paste, duplicate text.

    The reason I am offering freebies is because I am building an inhouse manual text creation system that speeds up both review production and accuracy verification

    There is ONE CONDITION though: people asking for a review must provide links to great reviews they like. They have to EXPLAIN why the reviews they are sending me are "best of breed"

    Fair request, no?

    In exchange, I provide 1 new 300 to 1000+ word review for every well-explained review link. The explanation doesn't have to be in perfect English. I just need to have a CLEAR IDEA why you think the sample you're sending is GOOD.

    Anyway, can anyone help me with my problem? How do I find SERIOUS takers.

    I am not asking where I should promote: I already have FB group lists and forum lists.

    Instead, I need to know how you ENSURE you get only SERIOUS takers. These are people who would comply with the conditions.