Mar 12, 2018
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Hello everyone:), I was wondering if it is possible to add a US virtual bank account into PayPal. In my case I wanted to add First Century Bank into PayPal so that I can withdraw money to Payoneer. If anyone has any tactics they can help...;)

Thank you
Supposedly Payoneer doesn't support PayPal withdrawals for a few years now, nevertheless you can try to add the bank account. If you can't add the bank account, then you have your answer, if you can, worst case scenario: the withdrawal will be reversed.

There are no tricks or workaround. It will either work or not, but you won't know it, until you try it.
It won't work, Paypal would suspend your account and Payoneer would ask for proof of income and paypal account screenshots.
You can try to make this work, but if it doesn't, resorting to shortcuts can bring you problems. Contact them via email or call them to confirm if this is possible. -Micah
Thank you guys...I will call PayPal customer support ask them if it is possible to link Paypal and Payoneer.
Probably they said no, unless you don't tell them it's Payoneer.
I know some friends linked Payoneer's First Century bank to Paypal by not telling their support it's Payoneer. "First Century bank".
No, I am asking because you bumped an old thread that OP said he was happy with the responses for.
I need recent First Century Bank Statement , This month reports
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