How did you get started with CPA?

Discussion in 'CPA' started by jasontm, Apr 30, 2010.

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    I've been around for awhile now, but haven't had any big earnings as of yet. I would like to break into the cpa game as the only money I've made is with clickbank, but to be honest I'm tired of the refunds that make or break me.

    The only marketing method I've done so far is PPC advertising and thought about doing some testing with a few cpa offers, but not sure if this is the best starting point with a small budget?

    I don't want to get started on the wrong foot. That's why I'm asking how you got started with CPA?

    I'm not asking for your $100/day methods or anything like that. I would like to just get a good start earn a few commissions and see the light.

    I've read alot of post on BHW and to be honest it's just a bit of information overload.

    Is PPC the best way to start?

    If so would search or content network be better?

    Please help me get started even if it's only a few dollars a month it would help me great into moving forward and give me that motivation again.

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    Best way to get started is making a good site and then monetize it with some Email submits so you can earn more money and get some extra cash and then do PPC see how that goes and then move on to free trial offers and paid offers to make even bigger bank I'm kind of newbie but you CAN make money its out there!