How did you find an accountant who specializes in Internet business?

Discussion in 'Business & Tax Advice' started by clm678, Feb 8, 2010.

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    How did you all go about finding your local or maybe online accountant who knows all the tips and tricks for not getting screwed at tax time. I don't have any issues now, but for next yr I want to proactive. What did you ask them, to make sure he/she knew their sh*t. Like what can be wrote off, setting up an S corp or LLc. That type of stuff.
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    I'd like to know the answer as well since this past year (2009) I just did about 6K in online income on top of my regular job, but after adding in that income onto my tax return I went from receiving 3K refund (federal and state combined) on my taxes to only $250. I got hit with paying like 40% or so taxes on that income. Since this year the income will be much higher and pretty much my only source of income I want to figure out this whole tax thing so I can minimize taxes as much as possible.
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    (assuming you're in the US, you didn't say)

    any local competent accountant will do.. the fact that it's online is irrelevant.

    you have costs and income. if it's income from an affiliate network, it's 1099 (contractor) income.

    they might not know what all your typical expenses are (ppc, hosting, etc.) so just explain to them.

    i'd much rather have a seasoned tax accountant that doesnt know what the internet is, than some newbie cpa who is interwebs savvy