How Did you Create Your Fake Files for PPD


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Dec 23, 2009
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As saying as thread title, how did you create you fake files for PPD network?

visual basic or visual studio forgot how the hell it's called.
What i used for one of my blogs is screenshoots from a good locking fake hack. If the guy is so stupid to download it, he will only see a .rar archive from shitcash with the screenshoot in it.

If you like to code your own one, use visual basic.
Code your own with Visual Basic, if you type in the search box of youtube you will get tons of results, It's really easy - drag and drop a few images and copy paste a few lines of code.
I created a file then corrupted it ;) They all be trying to use that corrupted file.
I got a fake Keygen source code in some other forum.
Here's the file:


I hope it helps ya :)
g0g0l could you please reupload it?
I recommend Visual Basic 2010 Express ! Find tutorials how to use it
Oops sorry people I permanently deleted the file from my HDD thinking that it would be of no use to anyone, coz no one replied :p
I will try to get it again, but I can't remember where i got it from. I will share it if I get it again :)
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