How cheeky can you be when faking the referrer?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by sapmi, Jul 22, 2011.

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    A friend of mine has managed to fake the referrer on one of his campaigns..I don't really agree with it anymore but he is a good friend of mine and it is his life.

    How much money or what limit would you put on daily earnings? Is $100 per day too much?
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    It really depends which kind of campaign you're running. Sometimes the sky is the limit especially with CPA. If the leads are legit but pretty meh 100$ might be a reasonable and safe threshold. If the leads are good they'll have very little reason to complain even if you go further and this is direct, personal experience. Then there's the non-CPA part, but I won't delve into it... ;)
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    This is a really good answer. I think it depends greatly on what you are doing.

    I've faked the referer before and got away with it for a month, even though the cloak I had was leaking. Got banned with over $3000 in the account.

    As long as they're quality leads no one will bother you much. If you are sending really shitty traffic their way they will notice much quicker. You'll likely get a cheque first though, just don't make more than a couple k