How can you boost a GPRS connection ?

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    Oct 21, 2009
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    Hi goodmorning to all,

    Well since 3 months, i bought a new computer with vista and Norton, so i desinstall Norton because i can not enter in my FAVOURITE FORUM (do not know why)

    So first month i run at 3,587ko/s
    since i desinstall Norton, i try others anti viruses, and now since 2 month i run only at 128ko/s

    Sometime impossible to make a virus scan online, so what's the trouble i past asquared, anti malware but noway iask my company tell me depend where you live becasue you use "connect with GPRS/3G NETWORK

    So depend of GPRS, malwares, viruses or all in 1 :D
    Sometime i grow at 750ko/s so impossible to be again like at the first days again at 3,587ko/s or is there a or more Malwares, viruses who can "eat" my connection ?:(

    thanks a lot enjoy :)