How can we make money from mafia wars and farmville users?

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by Oranu, Dec 11, 2010.

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    I have some accounts with loads of Mafia wars,Farmville and many other zynga game friends,They are all mostly addicts..

    My question is:Should we make a fanpage or a group?And how do we get the most likes,clicks,conversions and drive the most sales off Farmville and Mafia wars ebook guides?What are the tips to do that?Has anyone tried this out and made any money?

    Thanks,appreciate it..
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    Mar 30, 2010
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    I have banked really nice by selling cheats for a MMORPG. Set up a nice sales page with a video where you show the cheat, they can buy it with a micropayment ( $4 by phone or text message ). And ofcourse rank #1 for 'gamename' cheats.
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    Cooking up the medicine.

    I've made decent money in this area, and am about to really kick it up a notch over the next two months, so I think I can give you a couple of words of advice in relation to the specifics here;

    1. Facebook isn't dead, but it's changing. You used to be able to create Fanpages and mass invite all your friends, which would work really well if you had a vast network of accounts, however they've removed the ability to do this as such via javascript injection, which means you can either try and use a separate script (most of which I've heard are extremely buggy) or manually invite (which takes ages, as you can only do 49 at a time).

    Another trend to point out here, is that people seem to be overall less responsive to calls to join fan pages these days, at least not as much as at the height of summer.

    Depending on the amount of friends you've got in your network of accounts, you may want to reconsider this approach entirely as the results could be pretty poor. Not to mention, players of these games are some of the most unresponsive people in my experience.

    2. If I were you, I'd switch to more of a search model. These two games have a sufficient amount of long-tails to target for, as well as decent volumes throughout most searches. There is also quite a low competition overall, which bodes well for a newbie at SEO to attempt to take ranking positions.

    This way, you're working on a permission basis rather then disruption (they're looking for the solution, as oppose to seeing it and then getting interested), and therefore are going to convert at a higher rate.

    I'm not saying don't use Facebook by any stretch, but you need to consider whether given the current seemingly winding down type climate of fanpages and groups, and the lack of javascript injection for mass invites, is it really worth your time?
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    Link baits would be one answer :) Viral works.