How can my city's Visitors Bureau/Chamber of Commerce help my marketing business?

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    Mar 16, 2015
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    I've been offered the "opportunity" to work on a volunteer project at my school.

    The true nature of this opportunity quickly became apparent as I listened to the details: a board member from my city's visitor's bureau has no idea what to do with a bunch of expensive data she paid for. She wants to dump her job of drawing conclusions from the data off on me, pitching it as a great "learning experience."

    I am more than capable of doing this but a pat on the back and some experience to add to my resume ain't gonna cut it for me as an incentive. How can I spin this "opportunity" so I'm getting something concrete out of it? She works closely with the chamber of commerce, which obviously has connections with every local business in town. I'm starting a local marketing business with some of the methods I've picked up here and these connections could be very useful to me. What would be the most useful "favor" to ask of her in return for all my hard work?

    I appreciate any input on this scenario you folks can offer.