How Can I Use This Small Success to Get Big Success

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    so i have a method to share and a question to follow up. right off the bat, my method is very shady, so if you have high morals, get all of the, "i can't believe you would do something like that" out of your system now.

    i created a method where posted job ads on CL and then people would respond to the ad. given the economy the replies were plentiful.

    i then went and signed up for an employment affiliate program that paid for each resume uploaded by an individual.

    from CL, i'd get e-mails, and tell people that while i was impressed with their resume in order to be in the running for the job their resume and cover letter needed to be sent to corporate office.

    i told them our corporate office utilized site x (which would be my affiliate program's site) to view all resumes and that if they submitted their app, they could contact us with the link of their application and we would follow up with them to schedule an interview.

    of course everyone who contacted me back i would tell them the job opening had been filled.

    Even though I had to pay for some listings, big cities like LA, Miami and NY were making me around $300 a day before the ads started getting flagged. In the heat of the automobile fiasco, Detriot was kept my e-mail inbox flooded with replies.

    i'm still new at the whole IM thing, so without a proxy, CL started flagging me within minutes of my posting and eventually blocked my IP. Not only that, the process of sending replies to all the e-mails wasn't as automated as I was looking for. I still have a job and family that makes it hard to reply to hundreds of e-mails a day.

    I didn't let my setback put me on the bench. i wrote about the idea in a step by step e-book (google "Cashing in on Craigslist torrent" and the e-book shows up on several torrent sites). i used the method in the book as a teaser for an affiliate site i was pushing and that if readers really wanted to make money, they needed to get on the program the site the book was pushing.

    so the problem is, i've had a lot of clicks from the e-book, but absolutely 0 conversions. i don't know what to do and any help would be appreciated. i don't understand. i'd think people would see the results of making money and want to sign up to make more with the affiliate program.
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    Why not outsource the work you are doing now on CL and cash in big on your own method?
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    hmm sounds like a method I posted last week, I asked for the thread to be deleted for certain reasons, but i would post it here if I hadnt
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    Your method sounds pretty familiar...and it does work. What you might do instead of sending the people to an affiliate site is use them to build a list or even a membership site. That way you could market to them over and over again...just a thought.

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    I think torrent users are so used to these ebooks with affiliate links they just click through and as soon as they see a dollar amount, they think it is a scam.
    I think you were much better off with your original idea since you were feeding of people's immediate need for a job rather than them trying to work something out of a free ebook and then going back to join through the affiliate link.