How can i upload pictures to a account on a proxy?

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    I will soon expand my instagram account network.
    I just can't figure out how i should act to following questions:

    1. Can i make an IG account on my own proxy, and afterwards manage the account on a another proxy server in FL?
    2. When i have an account and FL i managing it, how can i upload pictures? Should i somehow login to that proxy server in my browser?

    Hope you guys can help me out.

    At last i want to ask, if some of you can provide me some phone verified instagram accounts. Aged accounts have most interest.

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    1. You can, however you might get asked for password reset.
    2. If you already have FL, you can upload pictures with that. You don't have to do anything in your browser, all the more so, because you are unable to upload pictures via browser. Check the appropriate part of the user guide of the tool:
    If your proxy provider is using ip auth, first you need to authenticate your ip using the proxy dashboard or else the proxy won't work.
    It's advised to use an account with its dedicated proxy at any time, to achieve that, you should add your account in the following format: instagramusername:instagrampassword:proxyip:proxyport:proxyusername:proxypassword

    You can get accs from the social media section of the marketplace.
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