how can I tell SER to stop making profiles?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by nonai, Jan 11, 2014.

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    I am using SER for tier 1 with strict settings (no porn or viagra in url, no less than PR3, etc)

    I have articles, social network, wikis, and web 2.0 checked.

    1) are these 4 ok for tier 1, or should I remove one of them? which one should I remove?
    2) It's making some profiles, I know I will get penalized because profiles are bad. How can I tell it to stop making profiles?
    3) how can I make some moodles. My competitors have a lot of moodles and I have been running it for the past 24 hours without a single moodle being made?
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    trust me make your first focus on website home page . get high ranked Links and rest of your site will rank well event if you put few links for internal pages ..
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    1. Depends on your SEO strategy.
    2. There's an option in the checklist on the options page to choose what types of links you want to make. Uncheck all the boxes that say Profile-Contextual and anything beginning with "Profile-". I don't remember the exact ones off the top of my head but there are like 3.
    3. Scrape for more Moodle targets.
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    If by default GSA isn't making any links from Moodle platform, one reason could be the inefficiency of the default footprints/search terms used to find Moodle sites. You can locate the the footprints used in the "Engines" folder in the installation directory. Find the Engine file of the Moodle platform, open it and see what's in the "search term" section.

    Then you can go through those competitor's Moodle links and see those default footprints are available on those sites. Also you can look for more footprints and add them to Engine's file. This is one twist that can be used to enhance the success rate.