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How can I take advantage of this?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by darkmonk, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. darkmonk

    darkmonk Regular Member

    Nov 21, 2007
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    I have a site that I tried monetizing for awhile with an affiliate offer from this company that it turns out is a crappy subpenny stock. The site is in a specific niche unrelated to investing, but these investors have picked up on my site and post about every little change I make, hanging on hoping it is some indicator their stock is going to get propped up (it crashed and is worthless). Every time I make even the smallest change I get a whole bunch of untargeted investor traffic. There was even a penny stock newsletter that copied entire posts off my site and sent it out in their email blasts.

    At first I was annoyed, until I realized I was picking up a ton of high PR do-follow backlinks from these people :) Its pushed this site up pretty fast and its gaining PageRank.

    How can I take advantage of this? The site runs on Wordpress. Can I detect the referrer and if its an investor site, bounce the people back out to some offers for stock trading or forex or something? How about one of those content lockers that forces people to fill out an offer before they can access the site? Maybe put a bunch of CPA offers for forex or precious metals or something on it? But I would want it to display only if the referrer was from a certain list of sites.

    I took the original offer down because it sucks and I made no money on it, and now I'm trying to monetize with Amazon and Clickbank feeds and a campaign for a Clickbank product that pays out pretty good. But its really only relevant to targeted traffic for the niche.

    I would love to make a little coin off of these people if I could. Right now its worth it to just keep making changes every other day and pick up more links :)

    And when I put out PRs or blast free PR sites for links, oh my, they go nuts. But they don't buy anything on my site.