How can I outrank my competition in local search?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by SpiderBlast, Jan 7, 2012.

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    I heard that local search is easier to do & less competition.

    Well look at this. This is really confusing me. The site I'm working with right now currently has the highest rank out of all its competitors.

    for keywords - basement waterproofing nj

    My site is - allcountywaterproofing (rank 3 - and I'm sorry but I can't hyperlink or write certain things apparently)

    Competitors are -
    basement -waterproofing-nj (rank 2)
    worryfreewaterproofing (rank 1)
    southjerseydrybasements (rank 1)

    My site is ranked 3, all sites that are beating it in google are ranked 2 or 1. However they have much higher pr backlinks from what I can tell. But NOT all of them. Some of them have less backlinks than my site, but are still displaying on page 1 while mine is not.

    I thought maybe I needed to do some google editing and updated the address. Am waiting on a verification from google by postcard. Do I have to wait to confirm that postcard before I can rank? Should I upload videos to my google places? Videos to youtube? Just start finding hi pr sites and requesting links? I also found a negative review on my google listing that was not by a customer of mine I can recall. So it looks like someone has been messing with my listing, I just do not remember having an angry customer at all in Dec.

    Should I join pr society? I will do whatever I need to to get on page 1 I don't understand how these sites with lower ranks are beating me, and some of them even have less backlinks.

    Any guidance or direction I'd really appreciate guys. I've been manually submitting to directories like yahoo, angies list, and all that and have tried getting some free backlinks but am afraid I might be bleeding out my own rank from doing that type of stuff. I don't really undertand how to backlink properly I think.

    But is backlinking where I need to be focusing according to you more experienced folks? Thanks.


    Apr 24, 2011
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    google places my friend, as far as i know, sites authority holds 24% of ranking in search engine, maybe you need those. some high pr backlinks coupled with edu and gov links. :)
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    You say that your site is ranked 3 but not on page 1 - I'm afraid that this does not make sense.

    I would avoid spending any money on services until you know what you're doing.

    It seems like you've already created a google places listing, but it's not been verified. After postcard verification it may typically take anything from 1-2+ months for your listing to appear (sometimes quicker, sometimes longer).

    The google places listing in for: basement waterproofing nj
    has a 7-box with the following sites (in order)

    www. basement-waterproofing-nj. com
    www. worryfreewaterproofing. com
    www. southjerseydrybasements. com
    healthywaynj. com
    www. affordablewaterproofingllc. com
    www. shieldmybasement. com
    www. valuedry. com

    To rank in the top spots on page 1 for the google places listing, you will need to optimize the listing.
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    SEOWhizz has good advice. Work on getting your places page verified and filled out, and write up some nice content talking about this service you have in NJ to go on your homepage and or service pages. This will get you where you want to be the quickest.
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    :) , you are so eager to rank yet you seem clueless about google places. The type of backlink in GP is citation, not high PR network or society.. the algorithm between local search and organic search are different.

    Videos and images usually help the rank if you know how to optimize them (rich keyword and geo tag), also competitor spy like their citations, their category, the onpage optimization ( for local search - title, "about us" and your NAP on all pages, kml file and map)

    if you know how to use whitespark pro account, ranking is easy.. just take the top 7, compare their citation, use what they use most and then try to find your niche directory

    Before your postcard arrive, i suggest you read about google places. search in this forum Google Places Business Blueprint, its nothing special to expert but a gold mine for a starter. Good luck