How can I make the most of this free link?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by regensteiner, Jan 3, 2018.

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    A friend of mine with a somewhat popular blog (heavy social shares, 39 page authority) has offered to link to me for free on her site. The site is completely unrelated to my niche, and she isn't going to publish a new article unless it relates to her blog.

    So I have two options?
    a.) Hack together a new post that somehow relates to her niche and mine
    b.) Find a past mention of my keyword on her site and have her link to my site naturally-- "check out my friend Jeremy here")

    Given these things, would it be better to link to my homepage or a money page?
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    Definitely A). This is a common practice with PBN domains for example, where you take the previous niche of the domain, your money site niche, bend it a bit and come up with something that's related to both. It's called repurposing. Analogically, you can do that with a guest post no problem.