How can I make 300$ perday via adsense?

OP is this doesn't work, then definitely try "Credit Cards" and "Best Cryptocurrency" :cool: You can also buy my new upcoming "Super Keyword Course" where I can make all of your keyword dreams magically come true...only $999.95 (plus tax) ;)
This might sound weird but can anyone DM me a "SPECIFIC" Keyword which can generate minimum 300 dollars perday via adsense. (No finance niche please)
You should own a website with 100,000 visitors a day and keywords are insurance, car, loan and stock.
If you don't have enough traffic try email marketing to bring millions of visitors to your website, for example emaillistusa dot com
Sure, I can help.

Use this keyword: "payday loans"

Bonus: "car insurance" or better yet "how to invest in stocks"

I got another one: "how to lose weight" or go for the user easy long tail variation "how to lose weight fast"
Massive man. I am going to start my new one with your given keywords :D:)
A better approach that I follow is - Find $10-20 per day niches and build 15-30 websites around those keywords. The whole idea is - Small drops make an ocean.

But, if you still want a $300 per day keyword, here it is - Cancer Cure.
Now go, build a website around that keyword and do your best to rank no. 1 in Google for that keyword.
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I provide an average of 200,000 - 400,000 traffic per month. Facebook organic traffic. Cpm is around $3 - $4. Most United States traffic and yet 1000 page views earns me $4
$300 a day seems like a lot and probably won't have any keyword shares. but if it's $30/day, what niches or keywords do people recommend?
No One Give You This Type Keyword. Why He/She Will Give You That Keyword If He/She Can Earn 300 USD Per Day
You dont need adsense to make money, if you have large community you may get sponsor.

Its better way get money, ofc if you goal is making money on youtube.
High CPC Website + Good Traffic.

Recently I found PAA adsense sites make good income. Mass volume of sites on high cpc niche is the formula that worked good for me.

My man thay guy who make 1k per day ,maybe he achieve succes after 10 years with his blog .
Just think about that if you want to make 300$ daily then you need at least 200k visits per day .Do you think its easy ?
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