How can I improve the income of my Ebay and Amazon Accounts?

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    I have just recently started selling on Ebay and Amazon ever since January 2013. Before I became a online merchant I ran a vending machine company, that earned a little over $50 dollars a month. I lost that when one day, when I drove to my locations to find all of my machines had been stolen. The Store Owner "knew nothing about it" I wanted to sue him (we had signed a contract) but I didn't have the funds for a lawyer. So I just returned my vending license to the state, and any extra vending machines I owned.

    For a few weeks I was heavily depressed. I just either fapped all day, or slept all day. I even got some very strange fetishes.

    Then, my father told me that I should start selling on Ebay. Most of the time I don't take my fathers advice(for good reasons) but this time I did. I listed 10 video games I had around the house.

    Three months later, I had read a few books, found this found this forum, started dropshipping, opened a amazon seller account, set up a ledger for my sales, and started selling Chinese knockoffs regularly.

    Last month, I managed to earn $100 dollars!

    Although, I want more BHW. I can't survive in the world only making $100 dollars a month.

    According to the average American salary I need to earn at least $44,389 a year to survive.

    Thats around $3,699 monthly, and $924 weekly.

    I want to take Dorado General Store[SUP]tm[/SUP] (My company name) to the next level BHW.

    What do I do?

    tr:dr - My vending company failed so I started to sell on ebay and amazon, I want to make more money.
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    The first thing you really need to do is find a specific category (you'll hear the word niche thrown around alot). Make it something that is popular enough to generate sale, but low key enough so that you have little competition as a seller. Let's say you pick katana swords or minigolf equipment or fill-in-the-blank.
    -Next, find a supplier that will give you low enough prices to compete with whatever sellers are in your way. This is the most tedious part of the process. Take your time, order samples from said supplier, put their product under stress, and see if its something you'd like.
    -Slowly increase the number of whatever product you have and SHIP IT YOURSELF.
    -If all goes well for a very long time, see if your supplier is willing to ship the item for you, so all you have to do is list and order from the supplier once a sale is made.
    Best of luck