How Can I Grow My Car Niche Account as Fast as Possible

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by lilplox, Oct 14, 2015.

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    Oct 7, 2015
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    I just started up an account 2 days ago in the car niche. It currently has 96 followers 0 following and showcases exotic cars. The bot I use is MB Ingram Advanced Edition with 4 accounts commenting on scraped users that have a good following to follower ratio. How can I grow this account as quickly as possible? With the tools that I have.
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    Oct 11, 2015
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    Best thing to do is buy shoutouts and use automated tools like Instagress. Then once you have a decent followers you can exchange shoutouts.
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    Mar 27, 2015
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    i have 4 car accounts, 101K,57K,34K,32K, there are sooooooo many car accounts from imports, to exotics, to muscle, to trucks, so the only way to grow besides types of bots would be buying shoutouts from some BIG pages, even when i sell shoutouts and make an awesome post on my 101K page i've had for 15 months and has all real follows, the person buying the shout will get like 100 followers after 24 hours, if that, you need to get shouts from some very big accounts which is you're in the "Exotic" niche there are good accounts to buy from, also when you hit around 20K range i'd do SFS, all the other guys in my niche with bigger accounts than me just literally do SFS all day every day and that's how they grow 500-800 a day, most of them have never even heard of botting, hope this helps
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    You need to observe how is the engagement of these pages.... Sometimes SFS are truly unworthy... I had a 19k account in a specific niche WITHIN the broad niche of fitness dieting, I exchange a shoutout with a 19,8K account... I stopped botting for two days so I could see possible returns of this shoutout, I had been observing the growth of this 19,8K acc via socialblade for a few days... We did the shoutouts, the 19,8K acc jumped to 20,1K within 24h, while my 19k went to 19,1K... It turned out, my followers were much better than theirs. My engagement was between 500-700 likes per pic, most pics over 20 comments, while she had about 1K more followers, engagement was about 100-300 per pics, many pics under 15 comments... So, compared to me, she had a lot more of useless followers.

    I have had another case as well... I had a 42,5K account in the entertainment niche (about a singer), and there was an account with 40K followers, they were growing at less than 100 new followers per day, while my growth was at 200-ish. We did SFS, the 40K followers acc JUMPED to 42K in 24H, and they surpassed me, while I gained like 500 followers in the meantime, so, they gave me about 300-ish new followers, as I was already grwing at 200-ish a day. I could have foresaw this as well, as my engagement was already much better than theirs. But hey, it was free and still got me some followers.

    You have to analyze many things, I'm just dropping my 2 cents in the SFS thing the user above suggested. If you do loads of them your account will look cheap and dirty. Specially if the SFS is a plain screenshot of the other user's acc.
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    Instagram Course

    1. Purchase FL
    2. Follow/Unfollow
    3. Hit 5k and begin multiple high quality S4S Campaigns
    4. Shout outs + Mentions
    5. Make sure you're posting high quality content

    Good luck :)
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    Where do you guys go to find these S4S groups or campaigns?