How Can I Get Maximum Exposure to My Link?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Exine, Oct 13, 2012.

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    Hello BHW, I've recently joined BHW and have been reading for awhile and realized I won't be making any money if I don't take action. So what I did was follow a guide that made money through adult affiliation linking. So what I did was sign up on a adult webcam site where on every email registration you earn $.50. This isn't the best conversion, but you also get paid for how many minutes they on watching a model.

    What I did was go onto a few adult chatroom sites and basically told people to message me if they were interested in a free live show. So over the course of an hour I got 10 sign ups, $5.00. This is great and all for my first time doing this, however it took a lot of work and when I say hour, I mean I was doing nothing but trying to convince people to go to the website :(

    What I'm asking for is a few pointers as to how to get maximum exposure and visits to my link.

    All suggestions help guys, thanks!
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    You may want to think about banner advertising on other adult sites. You may also want to check the search engines to see if there are any companies that deal exclusively with adult advertising, something like adsense but for adult sites.