how can i get gf from fb

How some actually took this thread seriously & the advice they're trying to give...

Crying over here. Please continue!!
best method is through friends. Don't know why but when you have a mutual friend it always works. While when you don't it never works out as it should.
I agree with the poster above. You are better off on Instagram. On Facebook you'll only find lonely housewives who complain about everything :D.
You are too old for a gf
you need a wife
FB? It's easier if you get them leads hot. Better build rapport in the real world. It's really hard to build an intimate relationship over the internet.
No. It doesn't work. You will mostly get gold diggers that will milk your wallet promising how good it would be if you were next to each other.

Forget it. Or if you want... spend 3 years to get a single meeting... but remember she's got probably 10 more that month...
Because she wasn't exactly a "girl", she was an adult female.

And saying "woman" makes it seem as if the person I interacted with was just some random hag standing on a street corner.

LADY definition: 1. A polite or old-fashioned way of referring to a woman.

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lady, madam, madame, dame, mum, ma'am

never say woman again; it's not very elegant

I know there are some ladies working in moderation of BHW; ask them maybe, just don't abuse them as you'd quickly get banned :D

ladies with the power hehe

trick: tell her what black hat is in nice terms and what kind of opportunity it is; she'll be instantly attached calling you every day

remember about wearing a black hat; it will make her curious thinking what a gentleman that is...
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