How can i get a epasportee visa debit card?


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Feb 12, 2008
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i am from bangladesh. seen any site with Aff pay by epassporte card. now can any one inform me any idea to get a epassportee card..? also inform me about its shipping cost+ maintanence cost..pls
There are hundreds of companies offering free epassporte as long you sell their stuff. I got mine from genbucks for free long time ago.
or u can get from them it will cost u 35$ i think...u will also get vcc for free
thanks for your idea..
i need epassportee details..
how can i get..?
pls also inform some good company whice give epassportee for selling thrie products.
if i got one from a company..then can i use same epassportee for other companies that pays by epasporte?
pls neeed quick
I got mine from Genbucks, too .. Very good program. You can use this epassporte account and with other companies withoutproblem
You can apply for the virtual epassporte card for free. You can then promote any affiliate products such as the ones at which will pay your commision to your epassporte email address - onee you have about $50 in your account, you can get the plastic card.
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You can join in friendfinder, They can help you to open a EP or Payoneer.
First you'll need to open an Epassporte account at Then you can attach your existing credit/debit card to your Epass account and load some money from the card to your newly formed Epass account or you can receive the funds from someone else (ie affiliate program, a friend, biz partner etc.) via internal P2P transfer and then use that money to order your Epass Visa Electron (aka Epass debit card) for $35. There are also affiliate programs who will do this for you when you hit the minimum payout amount., come to mind.
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