How can i generate traffic on blog currently there is 0 views and new to blogging ?

Make high quality content and build backlinks to your blog.
To generate traffic to your blog do Keyword research, Publish high quality Content, and Make it Rank On top Of the web Pages. Later Observe Where your Audience Is Mostly Active On either Instagram, Youtube, Facebook etc.. and Start Posting content On those channels as well.
You can try creating high quality and valuable content that solve problem ,inform or entertain is more likely to attract and retain readers
Try creating quality content , optimize your SEO, social media promotion and you can even collaborate with influencers
Besides what Everyone has already stressed like SEO, Quality articles etc.. One of the most effective long term forms of getting quality return visits is

Genuine Quality Consistent Engagement !
Engagement with those who have similar interest or needs in those specific/specialized platforms of similar interest.
Like Forums, Boards, Groups,Social Media etc. Then after a bit most of those places, in some way or another(Signature link, link within posts/replies or just subtle self promotion links or Promo text with you shares) They will usually allow you to share the place(Your Blog) from which they can get more information on you and your interesting thoughts and content if you are engaging regularly and it is of some worth.

Offering a free little ebook or manual relating to what your Blog is about can be helpful as well, Especially if it is something that can be useful to others..Of course with info to access Your Blog if they choose to. Submit that ebook to some sites that allow that type of upload like Slideshare, Scribed etc.. Do a Free Press releases announcing the launching of your Blog (Google free press releases) .

Offer some type of exchange to get some shoutouts from related sizable accounts on different platforms. Create some relatable entertaining Videos and share those ...Lots of things you can do without blatantly spamming..well, then there's doing that as well. lol
Just a few things I can recall..Nothing special.
It's easy to generate social media traffic. Facebook and TikTok are good sources of traffic.
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