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    I am getting my ass kicked for a keyword... but the keyword is also known without a space, I bought some backlinks from someone here for Keyword 1.. and I ranked like 2nd immediately...

    Then I have been buying backlink packages from other providers here for Keyword 2 but I am getting knowhere not even top ten... and my site is high PR.

    If you were me would you

    1. First get Spyglass and see what your competitors have?

    Make an assessment..

    2. ?? What else can I do to find out why my competitors are ranked higher... Market Samurai and IBP don't really help that much
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    Do most of the top sites have more indexed pages than you? Do you have 100% unique content? Are most of the site older than you?

    There are many reasons why you can rank HIGH for 1 keyword, and LOW for another related keyword. When buying link packages, it can be that more of the links you bought for keyword 1 were on higher PR pages than for keyword 2. Sometimes Google just loves the content you put more relating to keyword 1, but they dont love it so much in relation to keyword 2.
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    Your doing the Google Dance. If anything go to the "Members Downloads" section, and download IBP, that will give you an entire break down of your site. I wish you the best of luck :)
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