How can I find low competition kw-s?


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May 16, 2012
Finding a niche is a real pain for me. My goal is to follow Voidray journey thread about building a big site for adsense where he wrote several hundred articles for very low competition - non-existent competition kw-s that get 200-1000 searches/month.

I am having a hard time finding kw-s that have low competition. Even kw-s with 300/searches/month have medium competition. My criteria for low competition is when the first 3 results have under 10 backlinks. The idea should be to write a lot of articles for very low competition kw-s so that it would be easy to rank them and get traffic.

Can you give me some tips how I could come up with a niche and find these low competition kw-s? I searched the forum and I found some suggestions but nothing that useful (or maybe my creativity hat is in the washing machine atm..)
Yes, its called keyword research. You have to think. Then you put little words you thought of into a keyword research tool, and it gives you more ideas and if they have traffic and competition.

Then you have to think about which ones are best.
You could try some of these keyword research services on BHW to get you started with the initial niche then branch out and find other related ones.
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