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how can i creat a liberty account

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by smoothclast, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. smoothclast

    smoothclast Newbie

    Dec 2, 2012
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    i need tips on how i can creat a liberty account
  2. willo556

    willo556 Guest

    Sorry I have no clue what a Liberty account is... Does it even have anything to do with Youtube? :p
  3. DarkPixel

    DarkPixel Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Oct 4, 2011
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  4. arthurcolter

    arthurcolter BANNED BANNED

    Dec 21, 2011
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    Step 1
    Visit the liberty reserve website

    Step 2
    Click on ‘Create account' on the top page of the website.

    Step 3
    Fill up the form that is provided.
    Account Name: Your account is a name that people would use to verify that they are sending e-currency to your correct liberty reserve account. E.g. if you give your liberty reserve account number to me as u1234567 and account name as Baba; if I want to send liberty reserve to your account and type u1234567, I would have to see your account name (Baba) on the confirmation page before making transfer to your account. If the account name I see did not correspond with the one you give me, then the account number I typed is incorrect. That is the essence of account name.

    Security question and answer is very important. It will be useful for you in case you forget your password.
    Personal Welcome Message: this is the message you would see in the member area of your liberty reserve account whenever you login. This message is for protection from cyber criminals; cyber criminals mimic popular websites like liberty reserve with the intention of stealing people's login details. If you mistakenly visit such website and login with your liberty reserve password and other login details, they would use it to break into your account and steal your money. One of the ways of knowing such fake liberty reserve website is with your Welcome message (which is known by you alone). When you login to such fake liberty reserve website, you won't see your welcome message there. When such happen, please run for your life.
    Account function: leave this option on disabled mode (exactly the way it is)
    When you are through with the form, click on ‘Agree' button to move to the next page.
    On the next page would be displayed your password, login pin, master key and security question and answer. This page is very important as it contains information you would use to login to your liberty reserve account. Note here that liberty reserve would never send such information to your email address for security reasons. So copy and save the information on that page or better still, print it out for record purposes.
    At this stage, your registration is not yet complete; you would have to go to your email to get your liberty reserve account number. The subject to the email they would ‘Successful Liberty reserve Registration'.
    Step 4
    You activate your account by going back to the liberty reserve website to login with the login information given to you by liberty reserve. To do that

    1. Visit libertyreserve.com
    2. Click on login
    3. Type in the account number (which was sent to your mail box) and password. Then type the Turing number there and click on ‘next'
    4. The next page will show your ‘Welcome Message'. Check the small box there to confirm that the welcome message is yours. Click on ‘Continue button'.
    5. The next step (step 3) will display your account status. You will discover that your account balance is reading zero. This owe to the fact that you do not have fund in your account for now. You can only get fund when some make transfer to your liberty reserve account. However, you cannot do anything at this stage until you login with your ‘login pin'.
    6. Next click on ‘login pin' type in your login pin by click on the virtual keyboard.
    7. Continue your registration here by filling up your contact details.
    8. Click on submit button when you are through
    9. CONGRATULATIONS, you are through with your registration
    Step 5
    Its time to change the password, login pin and master key given to you by liberty reserve.

    1. Click on settings
    2. Change your login pin to a new one by typing the new login key you want to start using with the virtual keyword (please endeavor to use five digit numbers you can easily remember. They type the master key number and submit.
    3. Go back to settings and change your password as well following same procedure. On the password space, you can type in your password manually or use the virtual keyboard. The virtual keyboard is provided for security purpose and so it is very advisable to use it, especially if the system you're using is a public system.
    4. Also change the master key using the same process
    That is all, your liberty reserve is ready for use.