How can i convince this wholesaler to sell to me?

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    Jun 19, 2012
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    I found a wholesaler on a directory, they are in Ireland also so they are ideal for me. The problem is they are very apprehensive about giving out log in details for the wholesale end of their website (so that i can view the prices etc). Most wholesalers give it out straight away, but this crowd are being very different.

    I was talking to the manager today, "we can't just give out details to anyone to be honest" so requested an email from me to explain who i am and WHAT my plans are.

    The problem is that he was talking about already having loads of retailers (including his own websites) in Ireland, Europe and even USA so i don't know if he was trying to say we don't need any competition so be careful how enthusiastic you are OR he was trying to say we don't need small guys so unless you're serious we're not interested, can someone please advise me on how to proceed in the approach.
    I'm a sole trader and in the process of getting my e-commerce website going so i appeal to the more experienced for a little help. Thanks.
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    Are you set up as and LLC ? I have found that for the decent wholesalers, they do not want to mess with sole proprietors. It is an added expense but its worth it if you are serious about getting drop shippers that have good margins.