How can I bring traffic to my channel

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    Oct 31, 2011
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    Hey what's up everyone. I'm a pretty talented musician, and I've decided to go ahead and start a YouTube channel. I just ordered a high quality condenser microphone, and I'm almost ready to start everything up. The big question is, how can I get REAL traffic to my channel? I don't want fake traffic or anything on my videos, because I've done so on my other channel and it's almost trashed now :/.

    What are your suggestions? How can I do so? Would anyone be willing to manage me in return for sponsorship? Please let me know, I could really use some advice from BHW.
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    Apr 22, 2011
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    Well you need to start promoting your channel. Get yourself a YouTube bot and once you get to know the basics you can start to use features like comment rating to advertise your channel on popular videos and start to get insane traffic. If you have the right tools and put your mind to it you will succeed. Just expect to throw some money out the door before you start earning some. You might also want to look into a user on this forum named SpK, he is going to open a YouTube views service offering millions of views in a short time frame and you can easily make it on the homepage. But it will be at a hefty price. Good luck,