How blackhat links led to a free contextual ******** PR6 Whitehat link :) So funny.

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    So I was checking my analytics today and noticed a TON of traffic coming from a new referrer. I checked the PR of the domain and to my surprise it was a PR6 domain. At the end of the article the author mentioned my site and gave me a link by saying:

    "and a link to the most ridiculous scaremongering I have ever seen, so the guy responsible for it does not need to put his link with some stupid, made up scare story into the comments like he does on every website in existence that mentions..."

    I just took a really dumb topic with allot of searches and built a really dumb and funny controversial site about it. My plan was to make it as dumb as to get free whitehat links... and it seems to be working haha.

    * Why does do follow get starred out if its one word?
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