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How Big Is Too Big For An Authority Site?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by MrBeastsOnToast, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. MrBeastsOnToast

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    Dec 17, 2011
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    Hi Guys.

    I got my shit down when it comes to local small time SEO. But im much more into offline ventures and custom botting than SEO these days.

    Im going to start an authority site as its something i have wanted to do for a while... But how big of a niche is too big? How related do the articles have to be to a common topic?

    A website on general home improvement too broad?
    A website on just kitchens too broad?
    A website on just kitchen sinks too niche?

    Could anyone give a few tips on how to determine this? What factors will come into play?

  2. KHer0

    KHer0 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Mar 22, 2011
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    It depends on how much content you can put. Writing 400 articles about top kitchen sinks wouldnt make sense. And writing 100 articles to cover kitchens isnt reasonable either. Do keyword research, find related keywords.. check competing authority sites and their ( sitemap.xml ) how much content do they have? can you do the same? Authotiy isnt about how many articles you have? It is about covering your Chosen Niche.. Hope this helps
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  3. ardley216

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    Mar 28, 2008
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    Check out PHPBuilt's guide (give it a search).

    for an authority site, you'll need to target hundreds of keywords. I recommend a silo structure (search it), start at:

    sinks -> kitchen sinks -> Stainless steel kitchen sinks -> brushed stainless steel kitchen sinks

    Do you see how that works?

    You'll need to do tons of keyword research. Difficulty of the keywords isn't THAT important as you'll hope your sites natural authority will overcome that. DOn;t worry about how big is too big or too small, authority is QUALITY, you will need to love the subject.
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  4. BassTrackerBoats

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    Mar 10, 2010
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    I'm actually pretty big on BIG sites (yeah, that was a pun) and I think that Kitchens is too small of a niche. Perhaps "Buildings" as they generally contain kitchens. All the sites I build are pretty large and are all centered around business and finance and I always choose a niche that can contain no less than 2500 keywords and more is preferred. Most of my sites contain closer to 5K in keywords.

    I am ever really concerned about the competition when I build since I have so many KWs in a site and end up ranking for many more than I target just by the very nature of a massive amount of unique content and the random off site SEO that I do for each page as well.

    As to how many pages, I do things a little different these days when building an authority sites.

    I first choose conversational keywords... words and phrases we just use in every day life and write down several hundred. I do not care about SE searches, competition, etc. I just want words that you and I use in every day conversations.

    I write one article about each of those KW (phrases) that is between 500 and 1200 words and post them as I write them. I could post 3 a day, none for 3 days, one here and two there... my posting of the articles is random.

    Once the conversational KWs are up I do typical KW research and get another several thousand KWs (phrases) and begin using one KW (phrase) per page and write and post in the same random chaotic manner. I end up with sites that have several thousand pages ranking for literally thousands of KWs and getting organic traffic from KWs and phrases that I never even targeted.

    But I am very broad when I choose a niche and hate to even use the word niche as it denotes something and I don't roll that way. So if you are thinking kitchens, think broader like buildings, if you are thinking shoes, think broader and choose footware... smart phones becomes "mobile phones", ladies earrings becomes jewelry (not ladies but all jewelry).

    Be broad and think big... VERY broad in your choice.
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