How are you guys monetizing pinterest?


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Aug 5, 2011
The title exactly. Pinterest is hot right now. What are you guys doing to bring traffic from pinterest to your site?
Are you making a pin and repining it multiple times?
Good luck finding out !
Hell i've been trying for 2 months and half. Ok i don't do this 10 hours a day as i need to do other things that brings in cash but still
No matter what i do it fails. I'm fed up.

Any ideas ?
Sell services. I have made thousands of dollars from fiverr/mycheapjobs gigs selling repins/likes/followers.

Get yourself a few hundred accounts, a good bot and go hog wild nuts.

Nothing is better than being PAID to pin and on the side, you repin pins that have your links to your sites in them also.

That's a double win my friend.
Yeah i did this. Made a couple of bucks but it's damn hard to stay at the top of Fiverr. Also keep in mind that you only make 3.80$ or so per orders. So it has to be done fast or it ain't worth it.
Maybe i'll try again.

I got Pinblaster and Autopinterest a few private proxies and 200 +accounts 97% still alive

I have one last thing to try out before pulling the plug on PINT
I'm working on it right now and will for the next few days (along all the other stuff i need to do)
Holly crap forget about it. I won't try again Fiverr check this out

A guy is offering 1500 repins and 1500 likes for 5$
This is getting stupid.
Landing pages with CPA links are the way to monitize.

Creat pictures are a way to draw in traffic
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