How are the Credit Report CPA's making money


Apr 5, 2008
Most Credit Reports pay average $20 per sign-up. These sites are basically membership sites. I tried my hand at membership sites, and most every member canceled after the first month and most of those demanded refunds. Yes, I know content wasnt the best, but neither are these Credit Reports. so how are these credit report agencies making money past the first month??
They offer a thing where they report any change to your credit and some offer things that will help you to learn more about credit. What you are paying for is more or less fraud protection.

I know a lot of people pay for it monthly including me.
people really continue to pay?? I know that I push those offers and then usually get kicked from that offer because most people dont want that fraud protection.
have you ever seen the commercial with with the music and everything? you go to that website and it is "free" but you get enrolled in a autobill for like $10/month and there is no cancel button on the website you must research their phone number and call them. obviously they are making tons of money otherwise they wouldnt have a commercial on all the time for years
Yep - It's Rebill to the max, done RIGHT. But don't get all creamy over it - The public is rapidly becoming more aware of the Trial Offer market. As you may know, Adwords no longer allows promotion of the rebill trial offers unless the producing site makes it painfully and abundantly clear just how shafted the end user is about to get.

There was even a news broadcast somewhere or another about this - Doesn't mean the party is over... but if you're trying to put together a product like that - sweet jesus you'd better have a nice comfy safety net.
see that is the kind of site I wanna make. I just need to find a payment processor who doesnt care about the call ups and complains and demands for money back.
Find out who the current advertisers are using and contact them directly. It may take you having to sign up for the offer yourself, but I'll bet the answer is in the paper trail.

You might just have to sign up to a few of them so you can do some shopping around and get some bids.

You'll be assuming so much fucking liability man - I wish you well if you decide to launch a product like that... But especially with all the heat coming down on such distributors and offers - You're in the scope to be crucified.
I wasnt looking to do Credit reports per-say but maybe something similar that probably would end up having cancelations after 2 or 3 months. I just want to keep all the money and not have to give refunds or chargebacks if possible.
They also offer an upsell on the credit report. You usually will just get one of the 3 major credit reporting agencies report for free - to get the tri-merge (3 main credit reporting agencies), you pay a fee of $24.95 or so. Then there is a monthly rebill as already stated. On top of that, ancillary offers to further "help" you to protect your credit.
I understand they rebill, what I am saying is I wonder how many people continue to pay after they see there is a rebill. I had a membership site that also had small font at the bottom that said rebill each month. as soon as they saw they were charged a rebill they canceled and asked for a refund. I know people are doing that on the Free Credit offers too...which makes me wonder after they pay their affiliates the $20 for the lead, and the person cancels how do they make money. like xboxlive said earlier, there must be people doing it if they continue to advertise.
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I believe they are "high-touch" meaning that they send their clients frequent updates and let them know the value of continued membership....or the value of the information and the promise of more new valuable information month after month is top-notch. I think these are the best ways to keep it going long-term. You also have to be aware that different target audiences will have different retention rates. If your target audience are IMers, you will probably see low-retention, but a lot of other less tech-saavy consumers may not realize it till after they have been rebilled and even then, many are complacent and won't act immediately.

By the way, I have no idea what the retention stats are. If you are part of a CPA network, maybe try asking your AM - they might have some insights.
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