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How am I doing? (Growing personal account)

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by DaNooBz, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. DaNooBz

    DaNooBz Newbie

    Jun 21, 2015
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    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to start off this thread thanking everyone in the community for making it such a helpful repository of knowledge in regards to instagram marketing! Love it.

    In regards to the topic, I was hoping to get some feed back on what you guys think about my progress and game plan.

    So I'm growing a personal account in fitness, it's related to a skinny to fit fitness journey. Since my internet connection is mostly unreliable and having expendable income I'm using instagress instead of the powerhouse that everyone else uses. That being said, I'm pretty happy with the current service I'm using, the only thing I'm missing atm is the option to allocate some automated likes to some of the more recent posts done by active followers or ghost followers.

    In regards to my daily activity(Normal speed setting on instagress):
    Daily likes: 260-350
    Follows: 150-350 or Unfollows: 150-250 (not both on the same time, either or)

    I usually get anywhere from 60-120 followers a day from it presently, it was slower at the beginning and that's because I believe it was due to a poor follow choice (I follow via usernames). My follow back is usually 40-70% when I select small, under 1k follower accounts that look really sketchy and have a relatively similar follow:follower ratio.
    I post once to twice every other day.

    Currently I have 2230 followers with 43 posts. For the past 4-some days I've been exclusively unfollowing people since I reached the 7k following territory. I'm playing this extremely carefully since I do not want to risk getting banned. I am okay with a steady pace of getting only 200-400 followers a week but the unfollowing is setting me back so I am wondering what a good trade off is in regards to unfollowing per day. Would 400 be too risky?

    In regards to my follower interaction, all my posts average around 70-100 likes, with 60-80% of the likes being made up from followers. 20-40% of the likes happen from randoms. My daily "organic" growth is anywhere from 15-30 followers, but I also lose around 5-10 followers a day, so the net growth is relatively slow moving - still positive though.

    I did at one point purchase a big page (245k fitness niche) to like my pictures but got a negligible response from that.

    Anyhow, hope to hear from you guys on my game plan. I would love to reach 10k at some point before the year ends.