How Affiliate Commissions Are Made With Contextual [Free]

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by giantbuddha, Apr 20, 2008.

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    Hey folks,

    Felt like it's my time to share a couple of tricks I use for my affiliate marketing side of my business. I'm both a merchant and an affiliate but affiliate marketing accounts for most of my income -- more than $25k/month right now to be exact.

    And for the spirit of sharing, if others have done well in this - by all means contribute your info too.

    So let me give you some basics on making cash on contextual - because it's incredibly easy to do and it's less risky than Pay Per Click.

    Contextual Advertising is simply just about getting your ads placed as pop-ups on search queries or websites visited - this is done through a traffic network like Zango.

    So here's a quick 4 step-to-step guide to get an easy 25% ROI as a beginner.

    First -- have a market in mind ... like Payday Loans, Ringtones, Insurance...

    1. Have a couple hundred dollars to invest.

    2. Sign up for Traffic Vance or Zango.

    3. Contact the Affiliate Manager and ask about offers that did well in your interested market. Collect as much data as you can. When I started out I asked about ringtones & payday loans. I did both - and they basically helped me run the campaign from start to finish - no joke.

    4. Create your campaign - and make it as keyword specific as possible. For ringtone sites I also targeted sites like to sneak out affiliate commissions. (Must be a pain to whomever is an affiliate, because once in awhile you might be robbing 'em ;)

    4. Monitor your traffic & commissions... for every 1000 impressions you should be seeing leads being generated. If not, HALT. You need an IO clause so you can get out and refund your money if need be. This is how I minimize risk with contextual.

    The business is fairly easy to understand - and it's easy to get ROIs up to 75 or 100% once you get more adapted to the mechanics of advertising on contextual.

    It's also my favorite way of generating traffic in comparison to ppc right now.

    Hope this helps.
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    for sure, account managers are always eager to help out.. when YOU make more money, THEY make more money.. they want you to succeed. that is very good advice, everyone should follow it.

    great post, btw
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    These offers are pay per sale or CPA?
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    Great info, giantbuddha. What's an "IO clause"?