How Adsense, Panda, Penguin, and Google Search ended my week of hell

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What do you look forward to at the end of every week?

  1. Checking your keyword rankings

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  2. Seeing good conversion stats for your sites

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  3. Checking your Adsense earnings

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  4. Seeing good Page Rank results

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  5. Seeing good SERPs for your sites

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    Hey everyone,

    During this whole week I have been unable to compile any of my Visual C++ code at Uni... I crashed and burned in a major way earlier this week because I was pulling my hair out - I thought I was writing incorrect code (I am a novice at C++) but when I spoke to the head lecturer and technician they said all my code was correct and somehow my user account had been corrupted via Active Directory. I have no idea how all this happened, but I sure hope they find out what caused it soon, as I have got behind in alot of work and have had to resort to using the VMWare view client to do my work via tech on my home pc. So for the time being the view client is the band aid approach for this problem...

    On top of that I nearly had a bad car crash going down the one way back from uni. I thought I was having a nervous breakdown, because I have never had so much stress in such a short compressed amount of time, and I just hate getting behind in any work/deadlines etc.

    So with all this shit hitting the fan I was, well, felling like utter shit... Until I got home tonight. I checked my Adsense earnings and seen I had earned $20 this week (not bad considering the lack of time I have to do promotion, and considering I only got an account after 4 years of trying 2 weeks ago). This made me feel pretty good. Then I seen that my whitehat portfolio site I've been painstakingly building good high quality backlinks, on-site s.e.o etc had increased in PR from 0 to 2. Considering how some sites have been plummeting lately from the Panda and Penguin updates, together with the lack of promotion time I have (with studies and my web development vocation), I thought this was a really good achievement. Getting the sudden feeling of elation from good Adsense/PR/S.E.O results makes me realise why I am so obsessed with S.E.O, and the reason why I decided to become a web developer all those years ago.

    So if you ever have a shit week, appreciate even the smallest gains you make - whether they be in S.E.O, work, uni etc. They will keep you going through the shittiest of weeks.