How a YouTube AutoViewer would work now?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by pyronaut, Apr 25, 2009.

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    Well now with tubeincreaser + whatever other bots were out , now not going. Most people are wondering how the next bot will work.

    I have already posted this elsewhere but I thought i should make an educated guess how it would work. So here goes

    This all stems from me using "Auto Stumble". Ive forgotten the URL completely of this nifty program so just google it. But basically all it goes is automate what stumbleudon does or other stumble exchangeers.

    Basically all it is doing, is while you run the program. You stumble other peoples sites, and in return they stumble yours. And this is all done automatically. So basically you enter your site, it is sent off to join other peoples stumble list. And you get handed your own list to stumble.

    How i see this working for youtube. Is essentially EXACTLY the same method. Create a bot that first off, you enter your URL. It is then sent to a server and stored into a URL list in a database there. Once yours is stored, It sends you the URL list, minus yours obviously. The URL list will contain youtube URLS of other people who are also running the program.

    Your computer will then behind the scenes view these videos a couple of times giving the other users views on their video. When the list you have has been viewed a couple of times by you, You then grab the list from the server again, and taking out the URLS you have already viewed. And repeat.

    The server could store how many views you have given out, and you can only get back that many views on your videos. Meaning the more you run the program, obviously the more views you get from others.

    The only problem with this is the amount of people needed. You would need to have several hundred people running it to have any sort of impact on your video, and also the fact that all views are reciprocal, We would need to have to give out free views every now and again (Or sell them etc).

    Just my thoughts anyway, anyone else care to join in?
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    I second that. I tried autostumble but it seems it has too little users. After say 30-40 stumbles received it stops and to use the program you should change url.