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    This is just my personal thoughts and rants, don't like them? Good for you.

    It seems to me that a lot of people here how no idea what a forum works. A forum is a community, not your personal helpdesk or a tutorials website. Of course there are tutorials here, and we can help you with your problem, but then you should contribute back. A way of doing that without much effort is when you are making a help me thread. When you solve the problem, don't edit your first post to the text "I figured it out, admin delete please", but edit in the solution so others with the same problem can get a solution, because in 99% of the times you are not the only one with that problem. But you have the chance to help those people that may have the problem by giving them the answer.

    Also, this is just a rant, but when you're posting a download, tutorial or whatever, please don't put the text size to seven and the colour green just to write "Don't forget to leave thanks and rep!". It makes your post seem so much less serious, thanks and rep will come naturally if you take the time to contribute. And is some digital reputation on an online forum really that important to you? Isn't keeping the Blackhat World community strong and great reward? What is this thanks used for anyhow? I've never seen it been used for anything practical before (except of course in the good Kayzne's post about his 1000thanks milestone).

    So these were just my personal opinions, but I hope someone out there agrees :]