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How a Billboard Can Rocket SEO...

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ThopHayt, Mar 9, 2017.

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    Jul 25, 2011
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    Was looking over Algoroo today and noticed something odd in the "winners" category (where they put websites that have rocketed up the rankings). It was a local Kansas City plumber. Hmm... I thought to myself that doesn't belong there. So I looked into it. Turns out this little local plumbing site actually has some KILLER links. News links, to be specific. TONS of them...

    How did a plumbing site GET AAA quality news links? It started with this billboard:


    I shit you not. This plumbing company paid for these odd, cryptic, slightly suggestive billboards to go up. And people got curious... So curious that when the plumber behind these FINALLY came out and told everyone that YOUR WIFE IS HOT BECAUSE THE AIR CONDITIONER IS BROKEN. Well, then the local news people started picking that story up... followed by Reddit, Yahoo and everybody and their dog.



    So I did a little MORE digging.....

    Turns out this idea wasn't exactly new. In 2010 in Miami a guy did something VERY similar:


    Which given the spammy state of SEO back then might be slightly less meaningful than it is today... but still.

    But my point is this: Getting IN the news can be a huge game changer for local businesses. And evidently crazy PR stunts are a thing... even in SEO.

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